Dunstan: NSW Police Minister to brief on self-defence gun laws

Source: National Shooting Council

In this blog we update you on letters we received from three coalition politicians on what we hope will lead to positive changes to gun laws in NSW.

The letters, which we publish here, are from the:

  • NSW Deputy Premier, John Barilaro;
  • Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Justice, Mark Taylor MP (and our response) ; and 
  • chair of the Law and Safety Committee of the NSW Legislative Assembly, Ms Wendy Tuckerman MP.

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A few weeks ago, we updated you on the plight of David Dunstan, the NSW farmer who had his firearms licence and guns taken from him after confronting an intruder who was armed with a knife, on his property at 3am in September 2017. It was a cause that many of you donated to, to enable the Dunstans to get advice from a lawyer who specialises in firearms law.

There was no doubt David did the right thing: he convinced the intruder to accompany him to the local police. No-one was hurt, yet a quirk of NSW law made him the bad guy. The story quickly got national and international coverage. 

Annoyed that their decision would be questioned, the NSW Police decided to restrict the firearms licence belonging to David’s wife, Andrea, which were removed a few days later. In all it took NSW Police six weeks to return David’s licence and guns to him. 

How the gun made a difference …/