Regulated Weapon – Pepper Spray


Category - Moderate Regulation:

The following is one of many of the types of defense weapons within the category of “moderate regulation” that may be considered under the Act pending a detailed assessment of the defense technology.


In areas where the police-to-citizen ratio is high compared to other areas, it can be said that there is a problem. Often these areas will have high fences and dogs for protection. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are responsible and attacks upon children and adults out for a walk do occur.

Perhaps the “Pepper Spray” like the one shown below is the answer to avoiding being mulled by a dangerous dog or pack of dogs. The product below was designed for bears. Obviously, the product is from the United States, however, do have dangerous dogs.

Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray – Featuring a spray pattern with a range up to 35 feet, the Mace® Bear Pepper Spray allows you to safely enjoy the outdoors. The 6-second bursts release in a stream pattern to ward off bears and other predators. With its finger loop handle and safety clip, this Mace Bear Pepper Spray aids in preventing outdoor danger

In the news today: 

A school teacher suffered serious injuries in a terrifying attack by a pack of dogs. The Teacher broke a leg after jumping a storm wall on the esplanade to escape the dogs. The dogs savaged her causing serious wounds to her shoulder and a broken ankle. She was flown to Townsville emergency ward by helicopter.

Example of Specific Circumstances and use of Regulated Weapon:

A community teacher working in an area where dangerous dogs have been known to roam the streets completed training consistent with the security industry standard and was issued a permit to possess pepper spray for the purpose of self-defense.

The permit issue allowed her to carry the pepper spray in her purse as she walked to and from the school. Today she was harassed by a pack of dogs and was able to avoid being attacking by using the pepper spray. Council’s animal control officers are in the area looking for the dogs.

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