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A nonprofit security firm takes any profits it receives from services, donations, or sponsorships, and cycles them back into the firm to further achieve its mission of employing two types of people. Firstly, retirees who are professionals that have already demonstrated responsible management of a regulated weapon such as a revolver and/ or rifle. These individuals may be former military officers, police officers, customs officers or others including those for which the management of a firearm was a routine part of their work e.g. farmers and graziers.

Secondly, younger people that have also completed security industry-standard training and are likewise of good character. The young have the knowledge matched with the wisdom of those that have lived a long life, long enough to know better. That knowledge without wisdom often falls short when it comes to reasoning difficult social issues that are the causations of drug problems and violence in society.

A blend of the young and not so young groups of people that form Community-based security firms with a charter to preserve life.

A nonprofit security firm does not compete for security work performed by for profit security firms but rather are available upon request by those that are unlikely to afford such full paid services or to occupy roles in situations that represent an invisible layer of community protection.

They could be a taxi driver driving their own taxi with a safe secured in the boot of their vehicle that prefers night work in a quiet area, a retiree not ready to entirely give up working, or a storekeeper in a busy street with a safe hidden behind the shop counter, or a grey nomad travelling the highways of Australia in a motorhome with a safe secured in the truck.

Criminals, terrorist, and serial killers that prey on back-packers on lonely highways seek out easy targets and this invisible layer of protection could be the unassuming individual with assess to a weapon in the right place at the right time to counter a violent crime or terrorist act.

In the news today:

Example of Specific Circumstances and use of Regulated Weapon:

A storekeeper reported that two men ran into his shop pursued by a group of man, some of which were holding in their hands long bladed knives. He said that the two men were clearly in fear of their lives and he quickly shut and locked the shop door.

A man from the angry group attempted to kick the door in and the shopkeeper quickly retrieved a registered 38 caliber revolver from the safe. Holding the revolver down by his side and holding up a Community Protection Australia ID, he shouted to the men, words to the effect, that he was armed and that no knife-men will be kicking in the front door to enter.

The agressive man upon seeing the armed man stopped kicking the door and the group of knife-carrying men ran off upon hearing the sirens of the approaching police cars.

No persons were injured during the incident.

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