Grand-Farther murdered in front of his children…

A grandfather has reportedly been left “brain dead” in hospital after he was bashed unconscious in front of his family on Christmas night by a gang of youths armed with baseball bats and metal bars.

The 54-year-old was bashed outside his home on Esther Crescent in Mooroolbark, just before 11pm, in an incident police believe may have involved as many as eight people.

The man’s brother-in-law, Mark, told 3AW the family was outside their home when they were attacked.

“They knocked my sister out, and had my niece – from what I understand – by the hair,” he said.

One of his family members, a 25-year-old woman, managed to lock herself inside the home with her two-month-old baby and a toddler, according to 3AW.

Source: The Age

CPB.LIFE “A tragic loss of life.”

CPB.LIFE synopsis for training purposes:

If anything good can come from above, may it be the lessons that can be learned within the context of the objectives of the proposed Bill as follows:-

A gang of youths armed with baseball bats and metal bars were seen by a member of a registered security firm getting out of two cars. The security officer was at home having Christmas dinner when he noticed the vehicles screech outside in the street. He looked to see the men armed with baseball bats and iron bars jump his neighbour’s fence and run towards his neighbour’s family that were playing with children in the front yard of their house. Fearing that his neighbour’s life was in immediate grievous danger the security officer immediately went to his home safe and retrieved a registered 38 calibre revolver and his security firm’s issued identification card.

Note 1: The security firm is a not for profit security firm quality endorsed by “Preservation of Life – Community Protection Australia” a statutory authority administrating the “Community Protection Act 2022”.

Crossing the road the security officer yelled to the men who had knocked his neighbour to the ground and were kicking him to “stop”. Another man was seen punching a woman holding a child to the ground.

The gang of arm men turned and looked in the direction of the security officer.

One of men began to walk towards the security officer waving a baseball bat in a threatening manner. The security office held up his identification and pointing the revolver at the armed gang member with his finger along the trigger guard he shouted, “If you cross that road to attack me, I will shoot, do you understand I will shoot !”

The gang member stopped his approach and yelled to his other gang members something. The gang of men stopped their attacks upon the man and woman and ran to their cars and drove off. The security officer noted the registration numbers and advised the police that arrived on the scene about ten minutes after the gang members had fled the scene.

The man that was attacked was hospitalised with broken ribs but is expected to recover from his serious injuries. The woman’s injuries were treated at the hospital and she was able to return home to care for her children.

Police are conducing inquiries to identify the gang of men whom are still at large in the community.


There was an immediate and grievous danger to the family;

The family were within the property lines of their home;

There appeared to be no other “preservation of life” option other than to intervene;

The armed gang member on approach to the security officer was clearly warned that if he attacked he would be fired upon; and

It was prudent not to attempt to detain the gang of men and noting the registration of the car and the descriptions to provide the police this information was the best thing that could be done given the situation.

Note 2: It is a requirement of the quality control criteria that security firms both “for profit” and those that are “not-for-profit” have officers that have completed a high level of training in first aid.

End of training hand out reference number 200103-1

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