The Proposed Permit Issue System

Low Doc:To ensure quality, certain types of personal defence device would be acquired through a regulated outlet such as a hunting and sporting store where self defence and victim avoidance training may also be offered.

At the time of purchase the applicant would complete the online application form sent electronically using the custom service portal at “Preservation of Life – Community Protection Australia” (POL-CPA).It is for this reason a $5 fee applies i.e. maintenance and improvement of the customer service portal.The above is referred to as a low doc permit application.

As to what types of personal protection devices would require a “low doc” application that is a matter for discussion and debate? Perhaps starting point is “pepper/mace spray”

Provided the store assistant has electronically affirmed the statement having verified the identity of the purchaser the permit issue would arrive in electronic format within five (5) minutes of being submitted.

A store assistant may only affirm a permit issue provided the statement given was valid within the specified criteria i.e. consistent with the information provided to them at their “permit assessor training” endorsed by POL-CPA .

A typical applicant’s statement meeting the criteria might read: “I am nurse that does shift work. Whilst we do have hospital security my car is often parked well away from the hospitals and I am aware that last year a nurse was sexual assaulted when walking to her car. I wish to carry this device (specified) in a public place in the event of being attacked.”

Another applicant’s statement might read: “I am a school teacher in a remote area where hunting dogs have been known to roam the streets. Last year an man who was walking in the park was attacked by two dogs. I walk from the school to my home and I wish to carry pepper spray (specified type and model of device) in a public place in the event of being attacked by dogs.”

The statement of dangerous dogs is of particular note (See below the news report of the school teacher attacked by 2 dogs and had to be air lifted to Hosptial because of the serious nature of her injuries.

Low Doc with Review:The above application protocol would also be applicable to other personal protection devices that are considered to be a regulated weapon, however for which they have a greater potential to cause attacker incapacity i.e. pepper spray and hand held tasers.The greater the potential for incapacity the more attention that needs to be given to home or work based secure storage and who and why a person may be permitted to carry the device in a public place.As an example, “hand held tasers” the store assistant submits the information electronically however a permit may not be issued until a POL-CPA reviewer as seconded the application.This arrangement is referred too as “low doc with review”.

The permit is issued after a background check and other inquiries have been made and the findings are satisfactory. A fee of $50 would apply and the permit issue would be 5-years and non-transferrable. The reason for the fee is to maintain and improve the review system that requires integrating with other data-bases i.e. POL-CPA / POLICE.In some cases a tribunal hearing if the initial review finds something inconsistent in the history of the applicant.

A Review Tribunal of 3 people with a show cause notice issued to the police as an “invitation” to attend to voice any objections they have supported by relevant evidence.

It is to be noted that the POL-CPA is a statutory authority that administrates the “Preservation of Life – Community Protection Act 2022” which is a Commonwealth statute law applicable nation wide. In other words, a permit issue in one state or territory is valid in another state or territory provided the address of the applicable is updated with POL-CPA within 3 months of a change of address.

The Act would need to include this statement:

“When a firearms law of a State or Territory is in conflict with a Commonwealth law within the context of self-defence the latter shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency”.

This paragraph would be supported by the principles outlined in the Magna Carta which have been ignored in the past. The hope is that politicians that support the principle of the Magna Carta will recognise the importance of placing “preservation of life” above all other laws.

Information about the Magna Carta can be found at:

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