Glenda Q Public permit of possession of a low-velocity rifle

Grey Nomad Glenda Q Public: Australia has had a long history of very tightly regulated laws with regard to concealable weapons. This is because no one knows who is armed and who is not. You readily see that a hostile is armed when they carry a rifle. Therefore the penalties are far higher as a circumstance of aggravation.
From a cultural perspective, long arms have no such issues. In further, those that lived during those times were not concerned about people that had a rifle or rifles because of their upbringing, supervised experience and education to become responsible firearm owners.
Therefore in the case of the grey nomad scenario of Glenda Q Public and other related scenarios the public should not all be presumed to be untrustworthy and irresponsible people noting that when you outlaw the weapon only outlaws (not victims) have weapons.
I am confident that Glenda’s grandfather that lost his life as an ANZAC to keep his children free and safe would agree that his daughter should have a capacity for self-defense, otherwise why did he give his life?
The evidence that the possession of a rifle in and of itself was not considered evil is that in almost every town across Australia we see the statue of the downturned rifle and a solemn ANZAC soldier. Those deserving of consideration in term of responsible possession of a rifle must include the children of those that sacrificed so much for their loved ones.

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