Synopsis Glenda Q Public 12 months after the issue of her Class B permit of possession of a low-velocity long arm:

During the past 12 months, Glenda and her husband have made three long-distance grey nomad trips about Australia in their motorhome. Glenda and husband are members of a traveller’s group and the general rule for free camping safely is to try and always camp with others or if you are unable to do so find a camp spot that can’t be seen from the road.

Over the past 12 months, they were pleased to tell their friends there had been no ugly incidents travelling the highways, however, they did meet a couple, friends they had known for years, that had original knowledge about a highway the locals call the “highway of death”, where a thrill killer is rumoured to have lurked on a desolate stretch of road where 11 people have vanished, with some found murdered.

Now there is a twelfth, missing Newcastle man Jayden Penno-Tompsett, who disappeared close to the cursed Flinders Highway in Charters Towers.

The mystery of the 22-year-old last seen on New Year’s Eve has baffled, but not surprised the locals, said the couple. As the couple was part of the traveller’s group and Glenda and her husband had known them for years they brought them into their confidence that whenever they travelled and locked up at night in their motorhome they had the peace of mind that tucked away in the safe was a rifle.

Glenda’s husband commented, “My wife is the most unassuming bad-ass crack shot with that rifle should trouble come knocking.”

The lady replied, “Good to know we are camping with your guys tonight” and her husband said in a serious tone, “Well it is about time that these highway murderers don’t know who is armed? You know that just the knowledge that someone may be armed is often enough of a deterrent.”

The above synopsis uses extracts of information from a true story of 12 unsolved murders on the highway some call the Highway of Death and others the Wolfe Creek Highway can be found at


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