Grey Nomad Glenda Q Public permit of possession of a low velocity rifle:

Grey Nomad Glenda Q Public permit of possession of a low-velocity rifle:

In her application, she had stated that the regulated weapon will be secured in the safe of their motorhome.

The permit issue allows for a low-velocity rifle. The reason the permit issue specifying low velocity is to safeguard against a round traveling well past the area of engagement. You may have noted that I have posted my concern about Police being issued 223 semi-automatic rifles for use in heavy urban environments such as a city. If the police officer rounds should stray the probability of it killing a bystander down the road at a very long distance from the area of engagement is very real.

In the case of Glenda Q Public who has received security and firearms training meets an approved standard as specified by “Preservation of Life – Community Protection Australia” the weapon as a standard is the modern and reliable 10 shot 38/357 lever-action rifle as featured below.

Some comments have been made about the speed in which the weapon may be produced from a safe, however, it is a matter of balance between the security of the weapon to prevent it from being stolen (when the vehicle is not occupied) and being able to access the weapon if needed as a deterrent.

The greatest risk is remote camping.

In her security training, it is re-enforced that when you’re inside your vehicle always lock the security door behind you.

The aspect of what type of safe to allow quick access and the arrangement the weapon should have is a matter for discussion here i.e. research for the proposed Bill.

In the case of a level action, there is no removable bolt, the rounds can be easily loaded and the number of rounds maintained without having to remove a magazine.

Glenda maintains her proficiency at a rifle club. The recoil for this weapon is most modest for Glenda and the knockdown capacity is solid.

The 38/357 lever-action rifle is therefore put forward as the standard weapon for those seeking a permit of possession for the above and similar scenarios.

One more thought, the reason for standardization has two functions, no up-gunning is permitted and the training of approved applicants is consistent.

The civilian standard for a capacity of self-defense involving a firearm does not exceed the police standard prior to their moving to military-style weapons.

Your thoughts on this standardization policy appreciated.

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