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Thanks for the message Clayton found the original video on this story by 9 News, Adelaide. Haven’t been able to learn the outcome?

News Extract:

A Munno Para West man, who says he would have been killed by two home invaders if not for the help of his neighbours, has told 9 News he’s disappointed one of them has been arrested over his brave actions.

This is one of many reasons why this Bill is so important. They arrested a man coming to the aid of a man that feared for his life. Not a situation of provocation, the man simply came home to find his home had been invaded by two armed criminals.

Here is my take on the matter as a non-factual synopsis:

Disclaimer: limited information is available regarding this incident, in particular as to why the reported good Samaritan was arrested. We are aware that he used the first thing he picked up out of his garage on the way to rescue his neighbour which was a hammer of some description? Perhaps he hit one of the attackers with this?

However, the following is given on the basis that his actions were justified at court.

Two armed home invaders are still at large after causing grievous harm to the home-owner. However, police were able to arrest the good Samaritan that prevented the home-owners’ murder because possession of a weapon in and of itself is considered “evil ?

Suggested Letter for:

Whistle-blowers who’re life is under genuine threat (i.e. case in point, the matter of the murder of a whistle-blower i.e. fox eradication 4 million dollars contract/corruption/threats ;

Women that are being stalked by a known rapist that has evaded the best efforts of the police to find i.e. Sandra’s story;

Bottle shop attendance that has shops in a high crime area (that have been attacked in the past) i.e. the recent incident as posted below;

Remote campers that have had bad experiences on the road (in particular, those with original knowledge of a remote area murder i.e. the Highways of Death e.g. Townsville/Mt Isa 11 unsolved murders); and

Others along these lines that are of good character and standing in their respective communities facing a higher than usual risk of grievous harm inflicted upon them.

Until such time as there is Article 3 Commonwealth Laws you may. consider. writing to the State based Minister for the Police after you have sought a permit-of-possession for a regulated weapon on the basis of a genuine reason and the outcome of a risk/threat analysis of your situation.

The following example may help you write your letter. If you can afford it, have a solicitor draft it for you.

Suggested Template Letter:

Dear Minister,

I have sought a permit of possession for a regulated weapon for the genuine reason of self-defence because of the attached reasons.

(provide affidavit declaring the facts of the matter)

My request for a capacity for self-defense has been denied by your administration without any due consideration of the facts of the matter.

In the event of my death, I have this day provided a copy of my letter to the family solicitor with instructions to seek damages on behalf of those I leave behind.

In support of my posthumous claim of damages against your office, there does not exist any Australian legislation that recognizes my human right of “security of self” pursuant to Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within the context that the first law of nature “self-preservation” is applicable.

The Declaration of Human Rights is a legal article which your Government has signed but is yet to honour. I have instructed the family solicitor to fund the damages claim through my life insurance policy.

I would be pleased if you will acknowledge having received my letter.


John or Jill Q Public

The applicant for a permit of possession for the genuine reason of capacity for self-defense which has been denied.

Home Invasion Victims of Crime

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