Regulated Weapon – Salt Handgun

Category - Moderate Regulation:

The following is one of many of the types of defense weapons within the category of “moderate regulation” that may be considered under the Act pending a detailed assessment of the defense technology.


An attacker armed with a knife in a public area has stabbed or is threatening to stab people around them. Refusing to put down his weapon and continuing to move aggressively towards people some of which are elderly and unable to out-run the attacker, what do you do?

Perhaps the “salt handgun” could be the answer to avoid hand to hand confrontation?

Salt handgun

Chicago-based startup Salt has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a less-than-lethal weapon designed as an alternative to firearms for self-defense. The pneumatic pistol is designed to stop an attacker using an incapacitating powder that temporarily blinds them without the need to engage with the attacker in close and dangerous quarters.

The Salt is a CO₂-powered air-gun that fires hollow plastic spheres similar to paintballs, except that instead of paint, they are filled with a proprietary powder made of oleoresin capsicum and other ingredients. On impact, the spheres burst and a fine spray of the powder spreads around the target. This powder is extremely irritating – causing an intense burning sensations that temporarily blinds anyone who encounters it while making it difficult to breathe.

The makers say that the powder is stronger in many respects than those used by the military and law enforcement and is designed for maximum stopping power.

The effects last up to 50 minutes, though they begin to wear off after 15 to 30 minutes. Because it’s a dust, the Salt rounds can not only be used to shoot an assailant directly but can also lay down a cloud 4-5 feet in diameter that acts as a barrier against attack.

Note: In a city or large town the response time of police to high priority incidents such as the scenario above (as an average) has been 8 to 9 minutes which is fairly impressive. However, a lot can happen in 8 to 9 minutes.

In countries areas the response could be an hour away should the police be attending an incident for instance a serious car accident on the other side of their police district. As for remote areas, several hours if someone was able to notify them should they be in a mobile phone coverage area.

Often the passer-by or another present at the scene is the first responder.

In the news today:

Milos Novakovic jail for murdering party host in a restaurant. Novakovic stabbed another man to death two years ago has been sentenced to 20 years and six months in prison.

Example of Specific Circumstances and use of Regulated Weapon:

The restaurant manager completed training consistent with the security industry standard and was issued a permit to possess the salt handgun for the purpose of self-defense.

The permit issue allowed the regulated weapon to be kept on the premises of the restaurant. The weapon was used by the manager as a deterrent to a man who entered the restaurant waving a large bladed knife yelling at a man sitting at a dining table, “Your dead you’re dead, I’m going to kill you, I am going to kill you.” After a tense standoff of several minutes the police arrived and arrested the would be attacker.

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