Economic Collapse

Given that many prominent economic analysts are predicting we are entering a recession that may become a global economic collapse the following is provided within the context of the Preservation of Life charter of the proposed Preservation of Life – Community Protection Act 2022:

Futurist authors of books such as “Game of Empires”, “Future Shock”, “Camp of the Saints”, and “Economic Hitman” have all predicted an approximation of current events.


“If a conspiracy is suspected it does not exist, and if it exists if is not suspected”.

The left-wing and right-wing are of the same bird >

What may be done?

Three things are likely to happen in a global collapse of the debt-money system:

  • Firstly, the ships that you are expecting to arrive, don’t;
  • Secondly, hyper-inflation; and
  • Thirdly, devaluation of currencies worldwide.


There is a point when the price willing to be paid for oil reduces to a point that those that have it, reject i.e. no sale.

Does Australia have oil reserves? Yes

Do we have operational refineries?

Only a few noting many have been shut down. Refined fuels come by ships from super refineries i.e. million barrels a day refineries.

Could we produce refined fuels quickly? No.

However, if we were willing to harm the environment as a matter of national security such as an invasion, the capped wells and those we don’t talk about could be accessed and we may be able to produce refined fuels within 6 to 12 months.


If an aggressive or more likely a passive invasion occurred would the United States offer significant support?

This may only be answered with a question to illustrate a point.

“Did Britain intervene to save Singapore during World War Two ?”

The United States as other nations will have its own set of serious problems and therefore may not be able to provide significant support.

What would a passive invasion look like?

The 2019 boxing day cricket match at the Melbourne cricket ground had more people in attendance than our entire military forces including reserves. The book “Camp of the Saints” is an approximation of southeast Asia moving south.


Do we have enough food?

Only if every fertile parcel of land, regardless of who owned it, was close enough to where people clustered was made available for community gardens and farming. This is because we don’t have refined fuels. This was successfully done by Britain during World War Two, so there is precedent.

Security of Person – Emergency Preparedness Plan

What small percentage of the 666 million in Asia (outside of China) would make their way south looking for food, water, fertile land, and security? If some people fight over toilet rolls today, what would tens of millions of people on top of 25 million of the current population do when their basic needs are not being met?

Those that are organised, engage in community regional gardening and the care of others including medical will survive, provided they are protected by armed non-profit community security services organised top-down by the mayors of respective regions.

The police would be required for other purposes i.e. as a deterrent or response to unorganised aggressive invasion or invasions over time. The military would be required for other purposes i.e. as a deterrent or response to organised aggressive invasion or invasions over time.

Those that are unorganized aggressors are unlikely to be a professional army under the flag of a foreign power.

Could Australia eventually have conditions of lawlessness as are now emerging in third world countries concurrent/post-pandemic economic collapse?

Third world countries are now struggling to contained armed robbery, and violent home invasions as the physically strong and organised and armed gangs take what they need to survive as their economies collapse.