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Change to legislation, “Self Defense Legitimate” e.g. stalker/rapist/pepper-spray/Jane Q Public

There are many good examples and the above is one of them. Why should women who are being stalked be denied access to pepper spray or another regulated weapon provided they have been trained and understand the responsibilities of securely possessing a defensive weapon that may help them evade their attacker?

Some may say “It could be stolen.” Well, very few (if any) of us facing an attacker stronger and more capable than us are going to think,

“I am so pleased I’ve been denied pepper spray someone may have stolen it.”

Or perhaps some may say “It may be misused for personal motives.” Well, there are some that should be denied because they are not of good character, however, many people are trustworthy and responsible. So why do we punish the victims by disarming them because of a very few bad apples?

The point is this. The strong prey on the weak and men are generally much stronger physically than a woman. Therefore if a woman is being stalked she needs a capacity her body does not have to defend herself, an accessory.