Ghost Gun Dilemma

Because of evolved desk top and garage manufacturing technologies, and the advent of the internet the ghost gun has rendered gun control legislation obsolete because criminals and the terrorists can make any firearm they want. Today about 30% of the firearms used in the commission of a crime is a ghost gun, and that percentage is growing. Sadly the next mass murder will be a terrorist attack.

The NSW Government on the 24th March 2020 invited the public and interest groups to submit submissions with regard to the Firearms and Weapons Legislation (Criminal Use) Bill 2020.

The Preservation of Life – Community Protection Research Group provided a submission:

One of the aspects of the Bill is the creation of a law that those possessing a drawing, software (app), or component part that can be used to manufacture a firearm is a criminal.

Criminal intent is not an element of an offence as defined by the Bill.

A few questions about the Bill:

Will librarians of the NSW State Government be required to locate books from the history and military section that contains drawings of firearms for a book burning in a lane-way?

Will police now raid sporting shooters, gun-smiths, historians, and anyone that has a genuine interest in the mechanics of firearms just in case they have a book with a drawing or a youtube link or site book-marked years go prior to the enactment of this proposed law that could be used to manufacturer a firearm?

Will police now raid hobbyist engineers that build steam engines because they may have component parts that can also be used to manufacture a firearm?

It is one thing to charge a terrorist in possession of a plan to commit a terrorist act along with plans to manufacture firearms and an entirely different matter as outlined in the above questions.

The above list is not conclusive because without “criminal intent” the proposed laws will make millions of Australians criminals because the “letters” of the proposed law have no “spirit”.

The severity of these proposed laws carries a maximum penalty of 20 years. Does a terrorist that has accepted their own death care about such a penalty?

The internet is a rich source of information on how to manufacture a ghost gun, the simplest design being 2 lengths of water pipe, end caps, and a nail the knowledge of which does not require a piece of paper to commit to memory.

The legislation does not prevent this knowledge being known by criminals and terrorist but it does target people that have no criminal intent for mere possession of that knowledge.

The ghost gun has rendered gun control legislation including above mentioned Bill obsolete.