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In Australia semi-automatic longarms are banned but semi-automatic handguns are not. Semi-automatic handguns are the weapon of choice for criminals. They are easily concealed, increased magazine capacity, easy to conceal and high-powered.Semi-automatic handguns are just the same as semi-automatic long arms, but only smaller. These firearms are mostly stored and owned by people in urban areas. Since 2011 over 16,000 handguns have been imported into Australia each year for civilian possession.There are over 172,00 registered handguns in Australia. The majority of these handguns being semi-automatics.

Handguns have become the firearm of choice for firearm-related crime.   Handguns are by far the most common weapons seized from serious organized crime figures. Homicides committed by an individual using a handgun are more likely to result in multiple victims than homicides in general.Handgun have become the predominant firearm used in armed robberies.  Handguns are the firearms of choice for drive-by shootings.


An alarming number of firearms have been stolen from legal gun owner across Australia and will never be recovered. A record number of 6,451 firearms were stolen across the country over a two year period (2013 to 2015). The state of Victoria had the largest number of firearms stolen (1,451), followed closely by New South Wales (1,406), and then Western Australia (1,322). The Northern Territory does not provide corresponding data via freedom of information. Gun theft if a huge problem in Australia and one of the main sources for guns falling into the illicit gun market.


24th April 2015 Senator Bridget McKenzie tabled the following details of a Senate’s Inquiry into the ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence. She said that the inquiry found that only four-hundredths of one per cent of all registered guns stolen and only five per cent used to commit a crime. The very serious problem of demonising sporting shooters and farmers has been discussed by a number of politicians.

The above figures are for all firearms. The majority of firearms are long-arms.

The semi-automatic handgun is a simple mechanical device, and the simplest of these is the blow-back design. This makes them the firearm of choice for criminals as a result of the emerging ghost gun industry. Evolved desk top and garage manufacturing technologies, and the advent of the internet has rendered gun control legislation obsolete because criminals and the terrorists can make any firearm they want. The percentage of ghost handguns recovered by police steadily increases. Sadly the next mass murder will be a terrorist attack by terrorists using ghost guns.

The NSW Government on the 24th March 2020 invited the public and interest groups to submit submissions about the proposed Firearms and Weapons Legislation (Criminal Use) Bill 2020. This proposed law is about making people in possession of a firearm drawing a criminal. It is unknown if that will include librarians should they refuse to empty the State library shelves of history and military books and burn them in a laneway? 

The other aspect is making people a criminal if they possess a part that could be a component that may contribute to the manufacturing of a firearm. Because firearms are mechanical devices, many of the mechanical components are interchangeable in other mechanical devices. If one was to look around a hobby engineer’s workshop among the parts for a model steam engine will be found almost everything you need to manufacture a firearm.   

The issue with drawings and parts as outlined above is that the legislation declares a person a criminal; however, criminal intent is not an—element of an offence.   

These types of laws are called “Witch-Hunt Laws.” 

Witch-hung laws do not discriminate between a historian, a sporting shooter, a hobby engineer or the actual criminals and terrorist. All are grouped and set alight.  Other examples include “gel blasters” and teenagers playing in back yards charged with firearm offences. Absolutely no criminal intent.

A terrorist caught with a plan that involves shooting up an RSL using a ghost gun plans and parts is an entirely different matter, they have criminal intent. A law cannot eradicate knowledge but a law that makes a person a criminal for mere possession of knowledge makes criminals out of anyone regardless of the situation.

Director Adam Tomison from the Australian Institute of Criminology said, “Low levels of public confidence leads to disrespect and dissatisfaction with those responsible for administering the [legal] system. The political debate surrounding dissatisfaction has become well established.” Source: https://aic.gov.au (tandi 387).  Names of these non-criminals (sporting shooters, farmers, firearms historians) on a database for criminals and terrorists has deepened the issue of dissatisfaction as mentioned by Director Tomison.  Trust and respect of authorities are essential in the acquisition of criminal intelligence volunteered by the public. Witch-hunting and demonising sporting shooters, farmers, firearms historians and others will add to the issue of not being able to gather information from non-criminals about criminals because of the discrimination and their treatment.