Compassion Requires No Payment

Pro bono publico (English: “for the public good”; usually shortened to pro bono) is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. Unlike traditional volunteering, it uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.

Pro bono publico is also used in the United Kingdom to describe the central motivation of large organisations, such as the UK National Health Service and various NGOs which exist “for the public good” rather than for shareholder profit, but it equally or even more applies to the private sector where professionals like lawyers and bankers offer their specialist skills for the benefit of the community or NGOs.

There is the individual and there is the community— non-profit security services for those that can not afford these services is one of the objectives of the Bill. The poor are deserving of these services; the rich can pay for gated communities and security guards, and the politicians and their gated compounds have paramilitary Police. Encourage professional work undertaken voluntarily to provide security services to those who are unable to afford them—a non-profit security industry offering benefits and training (combine younger with older and wiser professionals, i.e. retired Police, Military, Security, and others).

Provide the following are some of the services to those that cannot afford them. Those not meeting the financial criteria may also also access these services AT COST.

Not-for-profit services:

  1. consultation services to prevent domestic homicide;
  2. secure transit services to prevent domestic homicide;
  3. safe area patrol services for the homeless;
  4. call-by security patrol services for the elderly;
  5. call-in coded mobiles for vulnerable persons;
  6. social clubs (at risk terrorism targets) discrete protective services; and
  7. churches, mosques, and other places of worship (at risk terrorism targets) open protective services.

Advisory note: Open protective service for places of worship performed by persons that have achieved creedalism. Uniform security officers from non-denominational firms blended. The development of strategies that are preventive and protective. Terrorism has no religion but the religion of violence itself.

Illustration how points 1 and 2 will work is the case scenario Jane Q Public >>

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