Media Reports

Victorian police have stated members of the public can hire private security guards to monitor a private residence, and that is what some Victorians are doing to protect themselves from local gangs.  However, Victorian police also cautioned residents that legislation that permits armed guards is not applicable with regard to monitoring private residences to safeguard them from gang attacks.

Context: In the past, a large amount of cash was required to circulate in the community. Banks hired armed guards as a result of armed hold-ups to protect their staff and customers. The legislation permitted this because armed guards were both a deterrent and a justified response. Today the amount of cash required has significantly decreased because more people are using digital currency.

Did violent criminals simply go away because banks no longer have large amounts of cash? No.

Today, the problem is home invasions and attacks on small businesses such as late-night service stations and convenience stores. However, legislation has not evolved to allow those same armed guards to provide services as outlined in the Current Affair’s story above.