Main Elements of Bill

The following is provided as draft 02/03/2020. Revisions may result following research, survey results, and the review of comments from the public regarding posted information and case scenarios.

The main elements of the proposed Article 3 Commonwealth legislation are:

(A) Security of person may only be achieved in many instances through self-preservation as the police cannot be everywhere to protect everyone;

(B) There are many Australian citizens of good character, that in specific circumstances should be permitted to possess a regulated weapon under secure and responsible management;

(C) A permit-issue should be considered on the balance of probability that life or lives will be preserved in the event of a grievous attack upon the innocent; and

(D) The primary functions of POL-CPA are to create codes of practice and develop policies and procedures with regard to the following:

  1. permitted applicant criteria;
  2. approved security training;
  3. wellness care and attention; and
  4. the administration and revision of legislation.

Aspects of the proposed legislation include:

  • not-for-profit security firms ;
  • occupant (home invasions) protection;
  • domestic violence protection; and
  • remote area (occupant and camper) protection.