Non-profit Security Firms

A non-profit security firm takes any profits it receives from services, donations, or sponsorships, and cycles them back into the firm to further achieve its objectives. A primary objective is to acquire persons with a specific skills-sets that will support the preservation of life charter of POL-CPA approved security firms.

There are two groups of people that make up non-profit security firms:

Firstly, retirees who are professionals that have security-related experience. These individuals may be former military officers, police officers, customs officers, and others. Some of these professionals will be trained to become the directors and managing directors of non-profit security firms; and

Secondly, younger people that have also completed security industry-standard training and are likewise of good character. The younger officers where possible are matched with those that have relevant security-related wisdom.

A non-profit security firm does not compete for security work performed by for-profit security firms but rather is available upon request by those that are unlikely to afford such full paid services or to occupy roles in situations that represent an invisible layer of community protection.


Proposed training courses; and

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