Applicant Criteria

Section (C) of the Main Elements of the proposed Bill states that a person may be eligible to be issued a permit of possession for a regulated weapon if on the balance of probability that life or lives will be preserved in the event of a grievous attack upon the innocent given the circumstances stated by the Applicant.

For example, research case scenario Eve Q Public:

Article 3 “security of person” affadavit from applicant:

My name is Eve Q Public and my farmer partner […] has been issued a domestic violence order (refer. ###) by the Queensland Police. However, on one occasion my fromer partner has broken the order, and on another occasion was questioned by the Police regarding the fire-bombing of my car.

The police advised me there was insufficient evidence to support a charge of arson against my former partner. At times I think I am being followed and have telephoned the police who have not been able to determined if anyone is intentionally following me?

I submit that I believe my life may be in danger and respectfully seek a permit of possession for “pepper spray” of a type approved by POL-CPA.

I understand that a permit issue requires I undertake POL-CPA approved “security of person” training that is specific to this regulated weapon.

I also understand that a requirement of my permit issue is to agree to meet a security officer from the non-profit firm { } to discuss practices to remain safe and to carry out a security assessment of my property. I am pleased to meet with the secucity officer and for the assessment because I lost my job as a result of the financial resession and are unable to pay for these services.

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Background Check of Applicant:

Following the review of a statutory declaration from the Applicant stating the circumstances for which a specific capacity of self-defense is sought the next step of the permit assessment process is a background check which considers criminal, mental, addiction and domestic violence records.

The assessment focuses on two aspects:

(1) consideration of the nature of any mental illness within the past { ? } years that were associated with a hospital, mental institute, psychiatric clinic or otherwise when a person was confined because it was reasonable to say that violence or threatened or attempted violence on the part of the person against any other person has occurred; or

(2) has an established history of behaviour that includes violence or threatened or attempted violence on the part of the person against any person.

Note 1:

It is to be noted that violence used in the above context does not include justified violence with regard to a matter of self-defense, a lawful arrest, or similar situations authorized under legislation.