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Synopsis: John Q Public security officer for a not-for-profit security firm and permit of possession holder for a concealable firearm. John’s conversation with another member of his RSL club:

Peter, “John why do you do it mate, after all, you are not getting paid?”

John, “Well there are some perks to the job, I get a very good training allowance and airfares and accommodation for my family and me in different cities around Australia, also there is a travel allowance and other benefits. Basically a paid holiday for my family while I do my refresher training.”

Peter, ” But what about the why you don’t honestly expect that we would be a target for terrorism do you?”
John, “Have you read article 28 of the Hamas Covenant?”

Peter, “No”

John, “Well they broadcast all over the world, their words, ‘the Freemasons, The Rotary and Lions clubs, and other sabotage groups. All these organizations, whether secret or open, work in the interest of Zionism and according to its instructions.”

Peter, “So they think our social clubs are supporters of the Jews. It sounds like something Hitler would have written. But there is no mention of RSLs.”

John, “Its conjectural we would be a target, how many of our members are currently in the armed services?”
Peter, “I get your point, but John you don’t look like you are armed sitting here in the club.”

John, “That’s the point. Didn’t you read the ‘Art of War’ by military strategist Sun Tzu when at Duntroon?”

Peter, “What that warfare is all about deception?”

John, “Yeah there are strategies from the art of war that are relevant to the war on terrorism. For instance, when you are a few pretend you are many when you are many pretend you are few.”

Peter, “So what are you, are you one of many or one of few sitting in an RSL club somewhere around Australia?”
John, “Now that is the question isn’t it?”

Peter, “Okay I understand, but you can’t drink mate you are technically on duty.”

John, “I did plenty enough drinking with you after Vietnam to last a lifetime, I don’t any more mate but I do enjoy the company and putting a bet down on the odd donkey. This may look like a beer but it’s a nonalcoholic brew the club have especially in stock for me. And if I’m here long enough the club shouts me a meal.”

Peter, “So what about the club, how did this come to be?”

John, “The preservation of life, community protection act is a protocol. There are a threat analysis and risk assessment on a case by case basis.
The RSL engaged my security firm and occasionally donates a little something that goes towards maintaining the firm and allows for improvement in our services that go well beyond this club and into the community.
There were a committee meeting and guidelines for me to follow under the direction of my managing director.”

Peter, “So as a security officer do you do crowd control and all those other things that security typically do?”
John, “As a not-for-profit, I am prohibited under the Act to do work that a for-profit firm would do. Peter as you said I don’t get paid a wage. They have to make a living, me I am retired well sort of, I love my club and the people here and that’s why I do it. The paid security and I get along well and we share information from time to time.”

Peter, “Do you have set hours at the club?”

John, “I come and go at my choosing sometimes staying a few hours and sometimes not. No one knows when I might walk in or leave, there is no pattern, totally random mate and that is the way it ought to be should someone or someones, the nasties, are watching the club to look for a pattern when we are most vulnerable.”

Peter LOL … ” But seriously what is the likelihood of our club being attacked?”
John, “The risk would be very low but the consequences would be catastrophic. Isn’t that the reason our police have become almost para-military, isn’t that the justification our politicians give us?”

Peter, “Yes, but isn’t that what the police are for?”

John, “Look around do you see any in here today?”

Peter, “No.”

John, “When was the last time you saw police here?”

Peter, “I think they may have been here sometime last month or the month before that when Sally the receptionist reported her car had been broken into?”

John, “That’s the point, the police that isn’t actually driving about doing general duties are guarding Government buildings and big social public events
The bank robbers in the 80s when the banks brought in armed guards did they go way? No, they moved onto soft targets, like service stations and late-night convenience stores. And so will the terrorists.”

Peter, “What I don’t understand is how you were able to get a permit for a concealable? I’m a sporting shooter and I know the State legislation where I live does not even recognize self-defense as a genuine reason for a firearm?

John, “It was argued that Australia had not created legislation that recognized the security of person provisions of Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which we signed in 1948.”

Peter, “So you work under Commonwealth legislation not State Legislation?

John, “That right, things like pest control, sporting shooters such as your-self and the traditional for-profit security remains unchanged, that is within the jurisdiction of the States. However, because human rights are universal across Australia there was a compelling need for Article 3 Commonwealth legislation. As a non-profit security officer, my permit conditions are the same for the other officers like me sitting in other RSLs all across Australia”.

Peter, “So what is the Act called that you operator under?”

John, “Its called the Preservation of Life – Community Protection Act and it takes into account Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), especially where it states: Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person.”

Peter, “I suppose the keywords to that being “security of person” not “control of the people for security reasons”.
John, “You got it.”

Peter, “You must get bored hanging around here.”

John, “See this.”

Peter, “What your mobile phone?”

John, “It looks like an iPhone but its what Community Protection Australia gave me and trained me up to use. It connects using the club wifi to the security cameras all around the RSL including the dark alley entryways and the car park. It even has a facility that allows me to send a live video stream to police operations. Even if the transmission is cut short police know precisely where it was sent from in the club.”

Peter, “Wow that is amazing.

So, John, I guess you won’t be following the Government’s advice of run and hide?”

John, “No mate, my personal policy when it comes to a terrorist attack on this club is to take cover and aim.”

Peter, “Thanks John, it was good to see you.”