Karen Q Public

Synopsis Karen Q Public school teacher in remote areas of Queensland (The following is based on a true story):

Last year Karen was attacked by two large dogs, hunting dogs that were once domesticated. Her injuries were so serious that she had to be air evacuated to Townsville hospital for emergency surgery.

The circumstances of her attack were:

The Queensland Government provides a monthly subsidy to people living in certain remote communities if they have a dog. Because dogs have culturally been a part of their communities.

Most dog owners are responsible, however as is the case for anywhere there are always very few bad apples.

These bad apples will get a dog in order to claim the subsidy, but then the animal is either let go or not feed very well. These dogs, usually large hunting dogs are left to roam the streets looking for food.

Karen had complained to the local council, however, little was done because in many instances who owns the dog plays a part in what gets done. Being deprived of the subsidy may result in retribution.

The case file synopsis:

A representative of Preservation of Life – Community Protection Australia has visited several communities and has concluded that a dog problem does in fact exist. Karen was approached and offered security training and a permit of possession for a special type of pepper spray that has a range of up to 8m that was originally designed for bears in Canada.

By agreement with the school she keeps the pepper spray in her locker while at work and now walks to and from the school to her home with the pepper spray in her bag in the event she is again attacked by a pack of dogs.