Glenda Q Public

12/06/2020 draft:

Investigator’s Report to POL-CPA

In summary,

The applicant, Glenda Q Public describes herself as a grey nomad that travels extensively throughout Australia. The applicant seeks a permit of possession for a low-velocity rifle.

The applicant has been a member of a sporting shooter’s club for about five years. The applicant intends to secure the firearm in the safe of a motorhome. The partner of the applicant is an accompanying person and has provided a letter of support (attached).

The applicant, as required, has conducted—situational awareness research with the help of a non-profit security firm. The security consultant has provided a letter of support (attached).

A risk assessment of the life-style of the applicant has identified that the most significant risk is camping in remote areas. The consultant has listed in their letter 12 unsolved murders on a highway between Townsville and Mount Isa and statistics concerning roadside murders.

An aspect of roadside murder is that those at most significant risk are backpackers in unreliable vehicles, and women travelling alone.
The awareness that some of the travelling public have adequate capacity for self-defence is likely to cause backpackers, women travelling alone, and others to take campsite refuge, particularly at night, in free camping areas where grey nomads in motorhomes and caravans cluster. In further, there are times when travellers intending to camp with others find themselves camping alone in a remote area. A capacity for self-defence, real or perceived is an effective deterrent generally.

Character references have been provided and assessed as favourable. The applicant meets the “security of person” criteria of the Preservation of Life – Community Protection Act.

End summary, further details refer to the file 20200612GP1.

Further information (news extracts):

From the “bodies in barrels” case to the backpacker murders, here are ten of Australia’s most shocking killing sprees – by New idea Ivan Milat, John Bunting, David Birnie. Their names are synonymous with evil and evoke feelings of revulsion and horror throughout the world. Roadside murders are not uncommon in Australia.

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