Jane Q Public

Security Officer Jane Q Public from non-profit Security Firm {…} has made an application for a concealed carry permit of possession, a 38 caliber compact revolver.

The applicant intends to work pro-bono from time to time as a security officer for a not-for-profit security firm based in { …].

Her professional standing of responsible possession is as follows:

Jane is a former police officer from Victoria.

After 5 years of loyal and dedicated service to the community, she resigned to pursue a career as a florist, however, wishes to perform from time to time pro bono professional services under the direction of the managing director of {..} and to continue her security industry training perhaps for re-entry to the police service at a later time.

Jane will use her specific skills as a former police officer to provide services to those who are unable to afford them in the west region of Queensland.

Preservation of Life – Community Protection Australia Endorsed non-profit Security Firm ID

In the applicant’s affidavit is information about a highway referred to (by locals) as the Wolfe Creek highway between Mount Isa and Townsville there have been 12 unsolved murders. In her permit application, the applicant has requested that her permit includes a “security of person” clause consistent with Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) namely, “Security of Person security officer Jane Q Public”.

In support of her request, the applicant has stated that her husband and children often camp in remote areas adjacent to the aforementioned highway when performing work in these remote areas.

It is the decision of Community Protection Australia that based on the probability that life or lives may be preserved that she be granted a concealed carry permit to possess under responsible and secure management a 38 caliber revolver of compact size.

It is a requirement of this permit issue that the applicant maintain her firearms competency by joining a local pistol club. For further information about this permit issue contact Community Protection Australia.

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