Mental Health

It is difficult to know precisely how many people suffer from mental health issues at least once during their life. It may be possible to know of those that do if violence was an outcome of an occurrence associated with mental health?

It has not been stated in the applicant criteria how many years into the past should be reviewed with regard to occurrences associated with a hospital, mental institute, psychiatric clinic or otherwise when a person was confined because it was reasonable to say that violence or threatened or attempted violence.

Aspects to be considered:


A history of things that serves as a tangible pool of evidence of one thing or another.

“No right to justice”

What would you do if you desperately needed legal help but you couldn’t afford a lawyer?

Extract 1:

There is no absolute right to legal representation in Australia, which means that for a long list of reasons unless you can afford a lawyer you’re on your own. Or if you’re poor you can get access to Legal Aid-funded representation; that is, really, really poor.

Extract 2:

Fourteen percent of the Australian population are under the OECD’s poverty line. But being under the poverty line is not necessarily poor enough (for legal aid).

Analysis questions:

“How many people plead guilty or do not contest a psychiatric judgement against them because they can not afford a lawyer nor qualify for legal aid?”

“Does the testament that a person is of good character and a productive member of their community over many years prevail over a one-off incident long past i.e. 3-years; 5-years; 7-years; 9-years, how long past?