Quote from the ​victim, “Its life and death behind the counter here”…

The following is a summary from information sourced from a 9 News story:

A Doveton grandfather has risked his life to fight off six thieves raiding his family bottle shop. Bottles are thrown and smashed glass is strewn outside the store. One youth returns holding the sign as a shield. Several of his friends return, one armed with what appears to be a fence paling, and storm the store to free the gang member who is being detained for the police. The attendant, still armed with a bat, along with the other men barricade the door as one youth outside throws the wooden stake at a front window.


What is witch-hunt legislation?

The Witchcraft Act was a law passed by the Parliament of the Kingdom of Great Britain. Authorities viewed witchcraft and magic as illusory, treating it as a serious offense. The last person executed for witchcraft in Great Britain was in 1727. The keyword above is “illusory”.

Today it is legislation that contains no criminal intent as an element of an offense that targets anyone associated with a firearm real or otherwise that results in a criminal charge.

A good example of a “Witch-Hunt legislation” is the following situation:

Teenagers in New South Wales engaging in the sport of gel-blasters (i.e. a toy gun that propels soft gel harmless to people) are the targets of a criminal offense to be in possession of these toys. Some will say that the justification for this criminal law is that gel-blasters look like real guns.

However, it is reasonable to say that over time real guns now look like toys noting the use of plastics and Hollywood like add-ons including futurist stocks, scopes, and other devices. It has become difficult to tell a real gun from a toy gun, and the trend is that real guns will become more sci-fi looking in appearance.

if criminal intent is not an element of an offence than it is reasonable to say that it is “illusory” to presume that just because a person may be in possession of a firearm (real or otherwise) that they have criminal intent.

Another example of possession of a firearm (real or otherwise) that has no criminal intent is the fear of being raped. A woman is being stalked by a known rapist that is illusive to the resource-poor police. Being a person that grew up during the era when possession of a firearm in and of itself was not evil, she acquires a 22 rifle from the black market that she keeps hidden in her bedroom because she is familiar with this weapon and knows how to safely use it if need be?

One night the known rapist break in through her back door, and she retrieves the rifle and as he breaks down her bedroom door she stand across the room from him and points the rifle at him shouting, “I’ll shoot if you take one more step towards me.”

On seeing the armed woman the known rapist retreats into the street and crashes his car running a red light.

The police arrest the woman for possession of an illegal firearm and they arrest the man for breaking into her house. Under present laws who will the law punish most in the above scenario, the known rapist or the woman?

Regrettable the woman will receive the hardest penalty as the man’s actions fall short of attempted rape because he did not take that one more step.

Nonprofit Security Firm

A nonprofit security firm takes any profits it receives from services, donations, or sponsorships, and cycles them back into the firm to further achieve its mission of employing two types of people. Firstly, retirees who are professionals that have already demonstrated responsible management of a regulated weapon such as a revolver and/ or rifle. These individuals may be former military officers, police officers, customs officers or others including those for which the management of a firearm was a routine part of their work e.g. farmers and graziers.

Secondly, younger people that have also completed security industry-standard training and are likewise of good character. The young have the knowledge matched with the wisdom of those that have lived a long life, long enough to know better. That knowledge without wisdom often falls short when it comes to reasoning difficult social issues that are the causations of drug problems and violence in society.

A blend of the young and not so young groups of people that form Community-based security firms with a charter to preserve life.

A nonprofit security firm does not compete for security work performed by for profit security firms but rather are available upon request by those that are unlikely to afford such full paid services or to occupy roles in situations that represent an invisible layer of community protection.

They could be a taxi driver driving their own taxi with a safe secured in the boot of their vehicle that prefers night work in a quiet area, a retiree not ready to entirely give up working, or a storekeeper in a busy street with a safe hidden behind the shop counter, or a grey nomad travelling the highways of Australia in a motorhome with a safe secured in the truck.

Criminals, terrorist, and serial killers that prey on back-packers on lonely highways seek out easy targets and this invisible layer of protection could be the unassuming individual with assess to a weapon in the right place at the right time to counter a violent crime or terrorist act.

In the news today:

Example of Specific Circumstances and use of Regulated Weapon:

A storekeeper reported that two men ran into his shop pursued by a group of man, some of which were holding in their hands long bladed knives. He said that the two men were clearly in fear of their lives and he quickly shut and locked the shop door.

A man from the angry group attempted to kick the door in and the shopkeeper quickly retrieved a registered 38 caliber revolver from the safe. Holding the revolver down by his side and holding up a Community Protection Australia ID, he shouted to the men, words to the effect, that he was armed and that no knife-men will be kicking in the front door to enter.

The agressive man upon seeing the armed man stopped kicking the door and the group of knife-carrying men ran off upon hearing the sirens of the approaching police cars.

No persons were injured during the incident.

Regulated Weapon – Pepper Spray


Category - Moderate Regulation:

The following is one of many of the types of defense weapons within the category of “moderate regulation” that may be considered under the Act pending a detailed assessment of the defense technology.


In areas where the police-to-citizen ratio is high compared to other areas, it can be said that there is a problem. Often these areas will have high fences and dogs for protection. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are responsible and attacks upon children and adults out for a walk do occur.

Perhaps the “Pepper Spray” like the one shown below is the answer to avoiding being mulled by a dangerous dog or pack of dogs. The product below was designed for bears. Obviously, the product is from the United States, however, do have dangerous dogs.

Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray – Featuring a spray pattern with a range up to 35 feet, the Mace® Bear Pepper Spray allows you to safely enjoy the outdoors. The 6-second bursts release in a stream pattern to ward off bears and other predators. With its finger loop handle and safety clip, this Mace Bear Pepper Spray aids in preventing outdoor danger

In the news today: 

A school teacher suffered serious injuries in a terrifying attack by a pack of dogs. The Teacher broke a leg after jumping a storm wall on the esplanade to escape the dogs. The dogs savaged her causing serious wounds to her shoulder and a broken ankle. She was flown to Townsville emergency ward by helicopter.

Example of Specific Circumstances and use of Regulated Weapon:

A community teacher working in an area where dangerous dogs have been known to roam the streets completed training consistent with the security industry standard and was issued a permit to possess pepper spray for the purpose of self-defense.

The permit issue allowed her to carry the pepper spray in her purse as she walked to and from the school. Today she was harassed by a pack of dogs and was able to avoid being attacking by using the pepper spray. Council’s animal control officers are in the area looking for the dogs.

Regulated Weapon – Salt Handgun

Category - Moderate Regulation:

The following is one of many of the types of defense weapons within the category of “moderate regulation” that may be considered under the Act pending a detailed assessment of the defense technology.


An attacker armed with a knife in a public area has stabbed or is threatening to stab people around them. Refusing to put down his weapon and continuing to move aggressively towards people some of which are elderly and unable to out-run the attacker, what do you do?

Perhaps the “salt handgun” could be the answer to avoid hand to hand confrontation?

Salt handgun

Chicago-based startup Salt has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a less-than-lethal weapon designed as an alternative to firearms for self-defense. The pneumatic pistol is designed to stop an attacker using an incapacitating powder that temporarily blinds them without the need to engage with the attacker in close and dangerous quarters.

The Salt is a CO₂-powered air-gun that fires hollow plastic spheres similar to paintballs, except that instead of paint, they are filled with a proprietary powder made of oleoresin capsicum and other ingredients. On impact, the spheres burst and a fine spray of the powder spreads around the target. This powder is extremely irritating – causing an intense burning sensations that temporarily blinds anyone who encounters it while making it difficult to breathe.

The makers say that the powder is stronger in many respects than those used by the military and law enforcement and is designed for maximum stopping power.

The effects last up to 50 minutes, though they begin to wear off after 15 to 30 minutes. Because it’s a dust, the Salt rounds can not only be used to shoot an assailant directly but can also lay down a cloud 4-5 feet in diameter that acts as a barrier against attack.

Note: In a city or large town the response time of police to high priority incidents such as the scenario above (as an average) has been 8 to 9 minutes which is fairly impressive. However, a lot can happen in 8 to 9 minutes.

In countries areas the response could be an hour away should the police be attending an incident for instance a serious car accident on the other side of their police district. As for remote areas, several hours if someone was able to notify them should they be in a mobile phone coverage area.

Often the passer-by or another present at the scene is the first responder.

In the news today:

Milos Novakovic jail for murdering party host in a restaurant. Novakovic stabbed another man to death two years ago has been sentenced to 20 years and six months in prison.

Example of Specific Circumstances and use of Regulated Weapon:

The restaurant manager completed training consistent with the security industry standard and was issued a permit to possess the salt handgun for the purpose of self-defense.

The permit issue allowed the regulated weapon to be kept on the premises of the restaurant. The weapon was used by the manager as a deterrent to a man who entered the restaurant waving a large bladed knife yelling at a man sitting at a dining table, “Your dead you’re dead, I’m going to kill you, I am going to kill you.” After a tense standoff of several minutes the police arrived and arrested the would be attacker.


A Bill for an Act that recognizes​ self-defense as a legitimate premise for the possession of a regulated weapon in specific circumstances.

The Parliament of Australia

1 Short title

Preservation of Life – Community Protection Act 2020

2 Commencement 

Each provision of this Act to commence the day on which  this Act receives the Royal Assent.

…/ Explanatory Notes 

Dunstan: NSW Police Minister to brief on self-defence gun laws

Source: National Shooting Council

In this blog we update you on letters we received from three coalition politicians on what we hope will lead to positive changes to gun laws in NSW.

The letters, which we publish here, are from the:

  • NSW Deputy Premier, John Barilaro;
  • Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Justice, Mark Taylor MP (and our response) ; and 
  • chair of the Law and Safety Committee of the NSW Legislative Assembly, Ms Wendy Tuckerman MP.

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A few weeks ago, we updated you on the plight of David Dunstan, the NSW farmer who had his firearms licence and guns taken from him after confronting an intruder who was armed with a knife, on his property at 3am in September 2017. It was a cause that many of you donated to, to enable the Dunstans to get advice from a lawyer who specialises in firearms law.

There was no doubt David did the right thing: he convinced the intruder to accompany him to the local police. No-one was hurt, yet a quirk of NSW law made him the bad guy. The story quickly got national and international coverage. 

Annoyed that their decision would be questioned, the NSW Police decided to restrict the firearms licence belonging to David’s wife, Andrea, which were removed a few days later. In all it took NSW Police six weeks to return David’s licence and guns to him. 

How the gun made a difference …/