Why some do and some don’t?

The main opposition of the proposed Bill comes from people that mistakenly believe it has something to do with the American 2nd Amendment. It has absolutely nothing to do with this line of reasoning best explained by the very well respected US Senator Rand Paul:

“The second amendment was created not to shoot dear, but to allow people to shoot at the Government when it becomes tyrannical.”

The proposed Bill adds very little to the number of registered firearms.

I say very little as there is the proposed creation of not-for-profit security firms (https://cpb.life/?p=245 ).

People already have firearms registered for sport and pest control. What they don’t have is the protection of the law when faced with an armed criminal on their doorstep i.e. the farmer’s story.

“The best division of right, one kind to be natural, and the other voluntary calls it a lawful right in the strictest sense of the word law, and sometimes an instituted right. Of this kind is the evil of certain actions compared with the nature of a reasonable being.”


The current weapons’ laws are an instituted right that is evil because when applied to certain circumstances they favour those that do evil things like robbery, rape and/or murder.

This may also be extended to domestic violence from the perspective of a woman that has removed herself from the family home but not the threat. Is she not entitled to make an application for a regulated weapon, perhaps pepper spray? i.e. the hashtag research “stalker / rapist / pepper-spray / Jane Q. Public.

Slavery was once legal, was it evil, absolutely. Removing the capacity of self-preservation of the Jews (taking their firearms) in Germany was once legal, was it evil well the Nazi proved that one.

Below is some wisdom about why some don’t and why some do commit serious crimes that involves the use of a weapon.

My father was in the police for many years before I joined and gave me this advice.

The underlying reason for what keeps some people that lack a moral compass from committing serious crimes is that they fear prison.

He also said, “Hardened criminals do not fear prison because they have been there before, perhaps several times before.”

If what these harden criminals do involves the occasional robbery, rape, and/or murder will they do it unarmed because they fear more time added to their conviction if they get caught? No.

It is for this reason that:

“When you Outlaw the Weapon, Only Outlaws (not Victims) have Weapons. “

It would not surprise me to learn that some hardened criminals are very supportive of gun control legislation that disarms their victims. It is a balance and today it is off the scale in favour of the violent criminals.

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